Sandy Gorman

Sandy Gorman

Beeswax Candles


My husband and I began our candle making adventure in 2002. After a brief stint using paraffin wax, I strongly suggested we use only beeswax, for I knew pure beeswax, of all the waxes, is the most environmentally healthy choice. Beeswax does not emit toxins or soot, and it has the longest burn time of all the waxes.


After hubby caught the wood turning bug in 2009, I took over the entire candle making process. I have expanded my offerings to include pillars and tapers in many sizes, shapes and colors, plus a varied line of novelty candles. I use cotton wicking only, and I do not add fragrance.


I have sold my candles at craft shows, and had my work in two other artisan shops. At this time, I am very happy to be affiliated with Riverside Artisans.

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