Bob Stowell

Bob’s colorful and exquisitely crafted cutting boards and coaster sets are made from exotic hardwoods and finished to perfection.   Available in a range of colors and sizes.

Carl Patrick

Carl Patrick – Wood Carvings


I’ve always been fascinated by the beautiful grains and rich textures of our native hardwoods and started carving wood many years ago. Over the years, I’ve found that the character of the wood I use gives a special feel to my carvings.


Celtic knots have interested me for many years, so it seemed natural to put carving and the knots together. Many Celtic knots have a special symbolism, while others are simply beautiful patterns. All of them are endless paths, symbolizing eternity and the continuity of life.


The rich wood brings life to the figures I carve, making it the ideal medium for my work. I use only a light finish, with little or no stain, so the beauty of the wood stands on its own. Each figure is unique, with a distinct personality and character.

Dick Gorman

I am a native of Oswego, now residing in Sterling. Prior to my retirement, I had a very long career in Information Systems, holding positions of Systems Programer and Technical Support Manager as well as Systems Manager on large mainframe computers.


I always enjoyed wood working as a hobby but discovered wood turning in 2009 after attending a demonstration at my local wood workers club. I was immediately captivated by the process of going from a log to a finished product on one machine. After reading an article “Get Into Wood Turning For Less Than $600,” I bought a mini lathe, some tools and joined a turning club. I found that the club members were very generous with their expertise and time and learned.


I still have that mini but do the majority of my turning on a full-size lathe. I enjoy passing all that I have learned on to other “wannabe turners” and often recruit new members to our turning club. I am a member of the Central New York Woodturners and The American Association of Woodturners.