Sue Nix

I never thought of myself as artistic, but my inner artist has emerged when I discovered Precious Metal Clay. Since being introduced to the medium, I have studied with some of the premier artists working today in precious metal clay, and as a result have become certified in this medium.


Simplified, Precious Metal Clay is a powdered form of pure silver that is combined with an organic substance to create a clay. As such, it can be molded, sculpted, carved, formed and sanded. It is then fired in a kiln and sanded again, polished and colored, leaving a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is 99.9% silver…a higher quality silver than Sterling, which is 92.5%


Now that I have retired from teaching in the Oswego City School system, I look forward to my new career as a Precious Metal Clay artist and my association with the Lakeside Artisans.

Cindy Schmidt

Original Member of Lakeside Artisans


My painting career began in 1994 with decorative wooden signs. In 2001, I went through a rapid evolution and began painting portraits and seascapes. I have since settled into creating the whimsical Cranky Cat Collection.




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